I’m a former personal trainer, lifelong amateur writer, and giver of (often unsolicited, sorry!) advice, mainly on the topics of health and fitness. I’ve recently put some of my non-fitness thoughts out there for all to read and received responses from both ends of the spectrum (either people hate me or they think I’m awesome. Not much in between). So for now, this page is a place for me to collect and display my thoughts, which are mainly a commentary on the world around me. I’m fully aware that “The Day Of The Personal Blog” has passed. I’m not trying to do anything crazy here, just trying to develop my voice and see where it takes me.


2 thoughts on “About

    • I am sorry you took such offense to my post. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their opinion. And I welcome yours, regardless of what it is. Furthermore, you make some good points which I had not considered. I really do appreciate the criticism.

      Also, thank you for pointing out my grammatical error. I’ll definitely fix it ASAP!


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