Don’t Worry, I’m Alive.


So obviously I’m not the most consistent human being. I’m not consistent with my chores or with my clean eating or with my morning routine. I’m DEFINITELY not consistent with my writing.

But I must tell you that while you haven’t seen anything on this blog for six full months there has been plenty of writing and creating going on behind the scenes…not consistently, but plenty none the less. The Beauty and the Bleep podcast has been launched, the Beauty and the Bleep Blog has been launched, and there are few more projects waiting in the wings around the Lucas household to be debuted sometime…soon-ish?

The Beauty and The Bleep Blog – that’s now the home of my soapbox. It’s the place where one of my favorite people in the whole world, Ashley (aka Beauty), and I (aka The Bleep – duh) get to discuss the topics that are important to us.

That leaves this happy little place here free for me to share the small things. The day to day. And since there has been no sharing of the day-to-day for at least six months, I felt as though the internet deserved an update. Because obviously you’ve all just been sitting there, on the edge of your seats, waiting for this moment. Trust me. This is gonna be good.

Just kidding. Sorry in advance. I’m lame.

I have done these update posts twice before and they are some of my favorites. I scrolled though my phone, pulled up the photos from the previous months, and used them to paint a picture of what had been going on in my life while tumbleweeds blew and dust bunnies grew around my blog.

I went to do the same thing today but found that there really is no story to tell. My camera roll over the past six months consists of almost nothing but a blind kitten, a brindle dog, and dinners at foraged. Oh, and the holidays, which were the most uneventful I can ever remember. My house was decorated and gifts were purchased and wrapped before the end of November. No frantic freak outs or mid-winter meltdowns. Booooring. (Actually, really exciting, but doesn’t make for any interesting blog fodder.)

So, uh, want to see some food and some pets?

Now that I think about it, there is really is a story to tell about foraged (i.e. our favorite restaurant in the world), but that would make this post too long. You’ll have to read about it in the next installment of What Has Mel Been Up To Lately. For now though, just a little bit of food porn to brighten your day.


And obviously if you live in Baltimore and haven’t visited this place, you need to get your ass there. Actually if you live anywhere in Maryland, DC or PA and haven’t visited this place, you need to get your ass there. It will be worth the trip. I promise.

And now, pets.


Blind kitten turned cat. Big brindle dog. Lots of cuddles. Lots of laughs.

So that’s it. Food and furry friends. It might seem pretty boring to you guys, but I really fucking love this life.


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