My Little Cup

I have a cup. A little one. It overflows easily.

You know that feeling when you reach your breaking point? Like one more thing, no matter how small – could be a dish left in the sink, one more annoying phone call at work, or maybe just your spouse looking at you sideways – it’s going to send you into meltdown mode? That’s what happens when my cup overflows.

Usually, I can handle what is thrown my way, but every time anything comes at me, good or bad, it goes my cup. Eventually the cup reaches max capacity and it doesn’t matter what comes next, the cup is going to overflow and I’ll lose my shit.

One time, I lost my shit over the movie Happy Feet. I don’t even remember what the deal was, but something at the beginning of the movie just set me off. I mean, it probably would have gotten to me no matter what, that poor, sad, little animated penguin! But that day, my cup was just too full. I couldn’t watch something sad. I literally didn’t have the capacity for it. I burst into tears and refused to watch the rest of the movie. I made Tyler turn it off completely. (Probably made him watch Steel Magnolias or something, because if I’m going to dissolve into a puddle of tears it might as well be over something that’s actually sad, not a tap-dancing penguin.)

If my cup is too full, not only do I lose my mind at the littlest of “bad” things, like Happy Feet, but I am not really able to notice the good things. There’s no room for them. Not a great place to be, if you ask me.

When my cup is empty, I can take the yucky parts of life in stride, but more importantly I can actually enjoy the awesome parts! A funny joke, a conversation with my nephew on the phone, a kiss from Tyler when I get home. All of those things are so much more enjoyable when I have room in my cup.

If my cup is full I have so much less control over my life and my choices. Because instead of focusing on what I actually want to put into it, I have to focus on just trying to keep everything that’s already in there from splashing over the sides.

When my cup is empty I have the ability to slow down and make those choices, to figure out what I actually want to put into my cup.

Mediting helps me empty my cup.

Meditating helps me enjoy the good, manage the bad, and make intentional choices intended to help me reach my goals.

It also keeps me from bawling over animated animals, so there’s that, too.

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