Did You Say Abe Lincoln?

“I promise not to take in any more animals without discussing it with you first.”

A little more than two weeks ago I stood up in front of family and friends and promised that I would never again just show up at home with an animal that needed to be saved. Or one that I simply wanted to save. Or one that might not really have needed to be saved but I felt could use a little extra love.

In my own defense I’ve never actually brought home an animal without informing Tyler. But the last time I did bring one home I literally sent him a picture of the kitten in question and informed him she’d be arriving home with me. That was four years ago. Yeah, yeah, that was shitty, and I totally recognize that. So over the past four years I’ve promised many many times never to do that again. And I never did. (To be fair there haven’t been any opportunities to put my promise to use in the past four years, but that’s neither here nor there.) So when I called him yesterday to “discuss” the fact that there was a blind six-week-old kitten that needed help and he told me “NO WAY,” I was crushed.

Dude, I totally held up my end of the bargain! Your end is to say “Yes,” and love the animal with me. Again, to be fair, Tyler’s vows promised that he’d love and care for the animals I take in. He did NOT promise anything about actually agreeing to take any new ones in. I think I was bamboozled.

Three weeks ago I would have just brought the little charity case home and let Tyler be mad at me, knowing he’d get over it. But the effing vows wouldn’t let me do it!! Its not like I wanted to keep her forever. I just wanted to take care of her and help her find a good home. So, I resorted to photo of the poor little thing and and a text promising, “Just one night, just until the shelter is open tomorrow and I can drop her off.” His response: “How the FUCK can I say no to a blind kitten? One night.”**

Fast forward to this evening, after calls to multiple shelters who would not take a non-seeing kitten in without knowing exactly what is wrong with her, and one call to one shelter who said they would likely euthanize her, after a trip to my own vet, after having her sedated because she was such an asshole that they couldn’t get close to her eyes while she was awake, after a prescription for antibiotic eye drops that have to be administered twice a day for two weeks…

I introduce:

**The reason Tyler must say no at the outset is because he is actually more of a softie than I am once he meets the animals, especially if they are fluffy and might want to cuddle some day. He pulled the “maaaaybe we should keep her for a little longer,” as soon as he saw her sitting alone in our bathtub last night. I at least held out until this morning.

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