25 Out Of 30

When Tyler came back from his physical in March with a prescription for Lipitor from his doctor, I just about had a heart attack. In my opinion (an option based on a ton of research) the side effects of statins DO NOT make them worth the benefit. They are terrible for your body. I’m not a doctor and I’m not suggesting that everyone should toss their lipitor in the garbage right this minute, but I certainly didn’t want Tyler taking it as a long term solution to his terrible cholesterol numbers. And yes. They were terrible. Like really, really bad. It took a while for me to convince him to not take the drugs, and then a little bit longer for him to decide that he wanted to do something himself to lower those numbers, which we both knew was totally doable. Then it was just a matter of getting started.

I had been toying with the idea of doing a Whole30 (more on what that in a minute), but I really wanted him to do it with me, both for his benefit and mine. I mean it kind of sucks to be on a super-restrictive diet (don’t let those words scare you away just yet, please) and have the person you spend most of your time with be eating ice cream and drinking wine. I knew if I could get him on board with me it would be a lot easier for me, plus he’d feel better too. So, I did what any sane woman would do when faced with a resistant, I-only-want-a-quick-fix boyfriend: I trapped him in the car with an audiobook about the program for the three hour drive home from the beach one weekend. Btw, I’m still more proud of this genius idea than I am about most things we’ve accomplished on the program so far. If he wasn’t going to listen to me and my thoughts on the benefit of cleaning up our diets, perhaps he would listen to Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (i.e. the authors). And, three hours later, he had. So, we got home, made a menu for the following week, went shopping and did our food prep all before returning to work, post-vacation. And we were off…!

Fast forward twenty five days and here we are, about to complete our Whole30. He’s down ten pounds and I’m down five. We shouldn’t know this, because you aren’t supposed to step on the scale for the entire thirty days, but we are rebels, yes we are. On the whole, energy levels are up, we’re sleeping better, our body shapes are shifting, and above all, our relationship with food is changing, big time. OOOOOH AND! Tyler has stopped snoring all together. And I don’t think it’s just a weight loss thing, as he’s always snored, even when he weighed less than he does now. I think it’s more of an inflammation (or lack of inflammation at this point) thing. Whatever it is, it’s utterly amazing!

So, what is this Magical Diet I speak of? What does it entail? It entails not eating crap. It entails eating fresh whole foods. It entails removing almost all possible sources of food-based inflammation-causing irritation to your body for 30 days and then methodically reintroducing those potential irritants and seeing how your body reacts (we haven’t gotten to that part yet). Honestly, its not so much a weight loss program as it is an “elimination diet” with a side effect of weight loss. Here’s a list of what we have avoided for the past 25 days:

– Grains of any kind (rice, wheat, corn, etc.)
– Legumes of any kind (peanuts, soy, beans, etc.)
– Dairy
– Alcohol (good god do I miss my wine, but if you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past year you know that’s the hardest thing for me)
– Really bad for you preservatives and flavor enhancers (MSG, carageenan – still don’t know what that is, but I’m not allowed to eat it, sulfites)
– Added sugar (including honey, agave, natural cane sugar)

And now you ask “What the hell can you eat on this diet? Air? water? No wonder you two lost weight!!!” But I tell you, I’ve been eating more than ever, without regard to calorie intake at all. We eat fresh meats and poultry, eggs, fruits and veggies, and lots of healthy fat (We cook with lard from clean pork sources, olive oil, clarified butter. We eat avocados, coconut, nuts and other delicious delicious stuff!). Basically, a very clean, farm to table diet. We’ve had fun with it, finding new recipes to try, (most of which are on my Pinterest board – but beware, some of these recipes needed tweaking to make them compliant) hosting two whole Whole30-compliant dinner parties, making our own mayo and clarified butter, eating everything straight from our our garden, brewing our own kombucha. I miss my wine, but that’s about it. Everything else has been pretty easy.

Tyler has an appointment to have his cholesterol checked again after our Whole30 is complete. I think I may stick to the program for a little bit longer as my digestive issues have finally started to improve but aren’t quite where I want them to be just yet. We’ve made plans regarding how we will move forward after this is all over, as neither of us wants to go back to our old way of eating or drinking. We just feel too great to go backwards!


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